Call for Volunteers!

Calling all volunteers.... Calling all volunteers....

Spring break will soon be here, and dare I say that it will be over sooner than we think. (hopefully it won't seem to go by too quickly)

When we all return in April, the Tech Team is looking for some volunteers to test 3 new experimental Tablet PCs with their class. Ideally we would like for each grade level to have a turn in 1 or 2 different classes for a week or two. Being that we have 10 weeks left after spring break, It should be just enough time to make the rounds.

What we would like to know is just how usable these tablets are with the kids. How well they adjust to the size, basic use, portability, and anything else regarding how they differ from the laptops we use now.
This coming week, we will be making a "checklist" of sorts with some specific things that we hope to find out about these tablets. We are hoping that we can all ignore how "cute" they are or how small they may be for us to use on a daily basis for work functions, but rather see how well the kids take to them.
Please remember that if you comment anonymously on the Blog ( to volunteer, please leave at least your first name. I know that sounds weird... but, If you just want to comment anonymously without volunteering, it could be kept anonymous, however, if you are volunteering it would be helpful to know who you are. :) You could also just email a member of the Tech Team to volunteer as well.
Thanks and we hope to hear from many of you.
And...... Let the volunteering BEGIN!