Podcasting, What is it? How can I use it in my classroom?

In the wake of Alan November's Leading Voices talk at the Cathedral, some people have asked the question " What exactly is a podcast?". Well its nothing more than an audio file (and video is possible now too) that can be downloaded to your computer, portable Digital Audio Player (DAP) or Portable Multimedia Player (PMP). These digital audio and video players don't necessarily need to be an oh so popular and trendy Apple iPod, though the name "podcast" seems to suggest compatibility with only iPods. However, the iPod and its ease of integration with iTunes, makes it very easy to subscribe to podcasts and synchronize them with your ipod with minimal user interaction.
Creating a podcast is much easier than one might think. There is some free software that we have available to use to record audio. It is about as easy as using a tape recorder. Creating a video podcast is a bit more difficult but can still be created with ease using just a video camera and some video capture/conversion software that we also have available.
I think that I can speak for the Tech Team and say that we would love to hear your ideas for creating podcasts with your kids. We are sure that they would enjoy the activity and be able to share the finished product with others.

Here are some links to podcasting sites that can give you an idea how to begin your podcasting journey.

http://edtech.typepad.com/podcasting_introduction.mp3 - A podcast you can listen to in your browser.



Please... Let's hear your Comments!


holly said...

i think podcasting our WBVR radio broadcasts would be great -- esp. since parents and children are not able to hear them live!

Becky said...

While I had sort of figured out podcasts, this post was helpful to really understand them. I'd love to try podcasting with my class, and I was thinking ahead to our poetry unit in April. I think that if the kids can record their poems in their own voices, they'll be more motivated to write.

Matt Castanera-Bartoszek said...

I hope others find this post just as helpful.
The poetry podcast sound great, I bet the kids will really enjoy hearing themselves.
I can't wait to hear some of them.

Brandice said...

Does anyone have any other ideas as to what content could be podcasted? I would love to experiment with this in ABC...

JAtohengbe said...

Podcasts can be a great tool for us to archive events at beauvoir for us to be able to revert to them at any point in time perhaps to listen to episodes that we might have missed or is of great interest to anyone of us and even for the kids especially, I think they will be delighted to know that their activities can be captured in time and replayed back to them at any future time. I greatly implore and encourage us all to involve and indulge ourselves in the technology we try to incorporate but not inundate into the teaching and learning process at beauvoir.