Coming Soon To A Surface Near YOU!

OK , so I have been following the progress of this project for over a year now, and it seems like it's finally turning into a reality. Not exactly how I would have hoped, but for now, it's a start.

Later this month, 12 AT&T Wireless stores in 4 US cities will be the starting point for a new computing platform called Surface Computing, developed by Microsoft.
If you are unfamiliar with it, take a few minutes to watch this video. You might be amazed. :) (please ignore the wierd "mushroom music" in the beginning and end of the video. It is about 5 min long in total but worth it!)

After watching the video, you can see that the possibilities of this platform are endless. I am sad to see it make it's debut as a marketing tool however, I can only assume that it will begin to surface (pun intended) in homes and schools in the near future.

Can you imagine having a few friends over the house and sharing photos from your recent trip to [insert your favorite vacation spot here], literally on the coffee table? All of you sifting through and manipulating the media simultaneously, without a mouse or keyboard or stylus for that matter.

Even better, imagine this in a classroom... of any kind. I could not even speculate what the imagination of a child, native born in the age of technology, could do with this.
So... I will let you speculate, go to The Beauvoir Tech Blog and leave a comment to this post, how you think this could be used in a classroom. C'mon and get those creative juices flowing, I wanna hear some off the wall ideas! please don't reply to the email that this post automatically generates. Visit the Blog and Comment... Please.


Anonymous said...

The surface technology looks amazing. The real world applications are tremendous and for the classroom I love its intuitive nature. I can think of using it for interactive Phonographix lessons and different art creations.

Anonymous said...

Looks exciting; students who like to build and design structures could have fun creating structures and immediately seeing their ideas and making changes.

A Atanasov said...

I like the surface because it's essentially a fully networked, infinitely reconfigurable, multi-user interface.
The kid's will love it and have so much fun with it trying different things.
After all, the surface is nothing more than a multimedia toy.

Andrea said...

Looks so fun! It can definitely be used across the curriculum!